Police, Schools, Commercial & Workplace Crisis Safety Training

Command Excellence provides Incident Command & Active Shooter crisis safety training designed for every police officer and Crisis Safety Consulting designed for all schools, univerities, corporations, commercial and other workplace environments.

What to do in the first hour that lasts a lifetime!

This training includes:

      • Model City Table Top Scenarios (Learn More...)
      • Active Shooter, Force-on-Force, Tactical Deployment & Entry Exercises using Air Soft gas recoil pistols, M-4 rifles (full auto) & shotguns. (Learn More...)
      • School, University, Commercial, & Workplace Customized Crisis Consulting Services (Learn More...)

Please Download our Brochure for more information that you can print and share with your colleagues. 

Registration and Inquiries

Contact: JSakoian@hky.com or call 412-818-3087:  Command Excellence offers customized programs to suit your safety needs: 

Police & Public Safety: Two Day (16 hours): Incident Command scenarios Model City in H.O. scale & Active Shooter  force-on-force exercises with Air Soft recoil pistols, M-4 full auto rifles & shotguns.  Dynamic and covert entry tactics designed for patrol & command personnel.  Training includes notebook, certificate, and lunch.  

Police & Public Safety: One Day (8 hours): Incident Command or Active Shooter independant training modules. Training includes notebook, certificate, and lunch.

School, University, Commercial Workplace: Crisis Safety Consulting available to schools, corporate, commercial or other workplace settings. Customized sessions to suit your individual needs.

Sessions are available at the facility of your choice, Monday-Saturday, day or evenings.

John M. Sakoian's Biography

John formulated & instructed the Crisis Incident Command/Management and Active Shooter ACTION™ Training programs for more than 1,000 police officers, over 2,000 educators from colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and more than 200 commercial/workplace settings. His training programs have been approved by Pennsylvania’s Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission (MPOETC), obtaining 24 Pennsylvania MPOETC grants and 3 Department of Homeland Securtiy, PEMA grants approved by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). 

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