Program Overview

Global Plan Overview

In-Person Training & Consulting

  • Risk & Threat Vulnerability Assessments
  • Comprehensive Safety Plans & 8 Critical Tasks
  • Emergency Operation ACTION® Guideline Templates
  • Emergency Communication & Notification Systems
  • Active Threat (Shooter) ACTION® Training
    • In-Person & Online formats available
    • Educates when to Run, Hide or Fight
  • Live Drills at your site
  • Behavioral Threat Identification Assessment & Management
    • Human Resource Director’s Guide
  • Bomb Threats & Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Training
  • Table-Top Exercises in:
    • Natural Disasters
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s)
    • Active Threats (Shooters)
  • How to Conduct:
    • Lockdowns & Lockouts
    • Shelter in Place
    • Controlled Evacuations
    • Reunification & Continuity of Operation
    • Resistance ACTION® as a last resort

Online Training Options (Certificate Included)

  • Active Threat (Shooter) & Crisis Safety
  • De-escalating Conflict
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Bleeding Control (tourniquet application)
  • Basic First Aid
  • Fire Safety & Prevention

Training Options

In-Person training

  • Administrator
  • Employee
  • Student

Online training

  • Administrator
  • Employee
  • Student

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Action™ Program Benefits

Creates a safer work/educational environment Establishes clear leadership Clarifies communication systems Promotes coordination with Public Safety Reduces the risk of:

Injury or death

Financial loss

  • loss of business
  • loss of revenue
  • litigation, penalties and fines

Damage to brand

  • loss of competitive advantage
  • negative association with the incident
  • negative media coverage
  • loss of confidence

Negative impact on operations

  • inability to deliver product or service
Our trademarked ACTION™ plan is designed to train and equip your team so that you may be able to respond correctly during a possible active shooter or multi-hazard situation.


Situational Awareness of events Observe, Orient, Decide & Act


Find Cover & Safety by movement. Call 911 / clearly articulate the type of threat

Time & Distance

Buy Time & Distance. Whether to lock-down or evacuate is determined by situation & location


Inform Police & your people with updates. Video surveillance, PA, phone, text, internet, media


Resist as a last resort if confronted


Develop the Skill & Will to survive!